About me: Albert Güell i Juanola (Barcelona, 1964) University Master's Degree in Education and ICTs (UOC), Degree in Humanities (UOC) and certificated as a specialist in audio-visual production (EMAV) and Photography (IEFC).I am a technopedagogical designer of online educational projects; I firmly believe in continuing education as a way of enriching the person and society. That is why I produce custom online educational projects for companies, foundations, museums ... But I am also a writer, an activity that forces me to create worlds and lives.

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This book did not want to be written
No volia escriure aquest llibre.

Susanna has never looked for a problem, it seems that the problems are those who look for her; He has even learned to vanish during the break time. In this book that nobody would want to have to write, Susanna tells us that she has some problems, in the form of class "classmates", that can tear out the happiness of anyone. Fortunately, there is always someone you can trust.

Not to do any spoilers, I just want to add that, this "someone you can trust" is more than one ... even that someone is not here form a long time ago much.

Editorial Animallibres. Col·lecció L’Isard
Language:  Català
Format: 13 x 20,5 cm

Pages: 144

ISBN: 9788416844562

Que dius que què?
What? What are you saying?
Publisher: Editorial Animallibres,  2016
Collection La formiga  
Languages available: Catalan only
Among the best novels 2016 (Faristol, april 2017)

For every child that have dog (or, they want   have it... and you live in a flat..., take it easy… all of us have been lived in this crisis) or, simply kids that want to have a fun time by reading, I am proud to anounce that my new novel Que dius que què? Has been published.

The book has been wonderful ilustrated by Mercè Lopez and the Publisher is Animallibres-Bromera into his collection called La Formiga.

L’arbre que no podia dormir quan mirava les estrelles 
(The tree that it couldn't sleep because was looking at the stars)
Publisher: Editorial Animallibres,  2012
Collection La formiga  
Languages available: Catalan only

The novel, narrated by someone as relaxed and serene as the Stillness of the Forest, explains how peaceful  and  immobile life of the trees, is disturbed when Socos, a venerable old tree, who realizes that many the stories that they tell between them are always repeated... The River and the Wind and sometimes the Rain are his  source of information but, for any reason, Socos thinks that is not enough. There's nothing new?  Who knows? And how do you know who really knows? And where does this knowledge  come from?  Is There something that we do not know? What do you think? And what it is more scaring: To know or not to know. One night, while all forest dwellers are sleep, Socos cannot sleep and then he looks the stars, and he wondering what happens beyond the forest downstream.

This book is in the the list "Els millors de 2012" (the best books 2012 category for children 9 age) by Faristol (literature Magazine)

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Literary critiques:

Del Guix al Ratolí
(From Chalk to Mouse)
Sottovento Singular Books 2012
Documentation, Research and text by Albert Güell Juanola
Illustrations Oriol Massana Valeriano
Languages available: Catalan only

From Chalk to Mouse explains the history of Cor de Maria School in Mataró, founded in 1861. Written as a travel diary, the book guides us through the crucial moments of a long route, where the vocation of teaching and educating children has prompted the school to keep firm and safe in every moment, in every present, towards the future.
They include 128 pages richly illustrated some  pages, hard cover,  and elastic rubber to close.

    TV interview (4/4 2012): Entrevista a M1
    Radio Interview (3/29 2012): L'entrevista a Mataró Ràdio

      L'ull de Bronze
      (The eye of Bronze)
      Winner of XXVIII Narrative Prize Ribera d'Ebre
      Publisher: Cossetània 2011
      Languages available: Catalan only

      Amat Torrentera is an artist seeking success. But the success is a fact that not everyone understands in the same way. The Eye of Bronze explains the harsh path that an artist  follows towards success, but ignoring everything about it, even if it exists, or how  is appearance that have. In the pages of this narrative, Amat, Pauline and Martin, are three absolute solitudes  who, despite it, their have shared  their existence for a long time because of  their particular  meanings of art, love and success that reflects about the power of art on humans.

      Literary critiques:

      Les delicies de viatjar en familia
      (Family trips: A delight)
      Illustrated Chio Padilla
      Sottovento SB 2009 for La Sirena (frozen foods)
      Languages available: Catalan and Spanish 
      A trip around the world without stirring up the table. With delicious recipes from Italy,  Spain and others mediterranian's flavours and also from Scandinavia, India, Canada, China... etc. With advices and cooker's secrets!

      Historia d'un paisatge efímer
      (History of an ephemeral landscape)
      Columna Jove (234), 2008
      Languages available: Catalan only

      Toni, Victor and Clara are friends for life. It seems to have chosen different paths to college they can distance. Victor wants to be a painter, and one day at a gathering of artists meets a mysterious German old man named Wolfgang that makes him an order very special: continuing the work of a young artist who died in the first days of the First World War:  August Macke. This commission, exciting but worrying, will travel Victor and his friends from Mataró to Cologne to find out really what hide Mr. Wolfgang and his project.
        Can art create life?

      Fantasmes al Palau! (Cantí qui puguí!)
      (Ghosts in The Palace! (who can sing!))
      illustrated by Xavier Cussó
      Publisher Edicions del Pirata 2008
      Languages available: Catalan only

      Amadeu Miresi  Fasoldo, music teacher faces the challenge of composing a cantata for the inauguration of the TAC (annual corals' meeting) that takes place in the Palace of Catalan Music. Little does he know, however, is that not only have the support of their beloved choir students A Tin of Crickets, but also the goodwill of Euterpe, the muse of musicians who decides to protect him. Too much help can become a great headache... instruments that going out of tune, an unexpected  and  colossal  "honk", a curious boy who mysteriously disappears and leaves some unusual clues in unusual places, a music room that seems a haunted house of amusement park...

      The publisher recommended for over 12 years.
      Contains glossary of vocabulary.
      Good to know the content of art from Palau de la Música Catalana and mechanisms that can promote artistic creation.

      Delicios i Selvatic
      (Delicious jungle)
      illustrated Iryna Stepanova
      Sottovento SB 2008. Suma Supermakets
       Languages available: Catalan only

      The most fun way to eat fruit. Each work is illustrated with a short story!

      La Fiebre del Oro
      (Gold fever)
      (A wagon of adventures).
      A buen paso editions 2008 for Renfe
      Languages available:Spanish only

      In this fascinating book, six authors (Juan Arjona, Daniel Nesquens, Annuska Angulo, Antonio Lozano, Cecilia Eudave and Albert Güell) have written stories based on the relationship between great writers and  the trains: Agatha Christie, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Luther Bear, Hiram Bingham and  Jack London. In  Gold fever, illustrated by Nicolai Troshinsky and that has been wrote by Albert Güell Juanola  we discover how Jack London met Buck, his beloved dog. What can be more valuable than gold?

      The dust cover book has a very special. Once deployed is a fascinating poster on one side, and the other a board game (like goose's game ), but representing a train journey. To overcome it, we must have a good reading skills! The game that have been wrote by Albert Güell Juanola was illustrated beautifully by Valerio Vidali.
      All together directed, animated and edited by Arianna Squilloni.

      Delicios i divertit
      (Delicious and Fun)
      illustrated Iryna Stepanova
      Thule editions for 2007 for Suma Supermaket

      The most fun way to eat fruit. Each work is illustrated with a short story!

      L'arbre de les set branques
      The tree of the seven branches
      illustrated M: Cruz Ugarte
      Thule editions, 2006 for Mutua General de Catalunya
      Bilingual Spanish-Catalan.
      format accordion
      Martina is 7 years old and she has gone to paint a picture with his grandfather. They are in front of a huge and  wonderful tree;  which its a perfect model to paint. While  are preparing their tools of painter, the Grandpa tells the fascinating story of the tree that apparently had was not born from nor any seed or cutting.
      La fórmula màgica
      The magic formula
      illustrated Riki Blanco
      Thule editions 2006 for Mutua General de Catalunya
      Bilingual Spanish-Catalan.
      Accordion format

      Today is Pol's  birthday. He now is five years old! It's a very sweet tooth boy and he likes to do magic potions. So, his mother is willing to teach him the formula for happiness!

      El gust dels colors

      The taste of colors
      Illustrated Eisa Riera
      Thule editions 2006 for Mutua General de Catalunya
      Catalan-Spanish bilingual
      Accordion format

      Alex is 2 years old. Parents, grandparents, cousins and friends make him a big party. He likes colourful things ... but: What flavour are the colours?

      El cel vist de prop
      The sky seen close
      illustrated by Bernadette Cuixart
      Planeta Oxford, 2006
      Languages available: Catalan only

      A chess contest faces Tomas and the Kàsprov, the chess' fabulous automatic invincible machine. But neither Thomas nor his sister Eugenia could not have been imagined that a game of chess would take them to fly through the sky into the basket of a hot air balloon...

       El Sueño de la locomotora Belinda.
      Belinda Locomotive's dream
      Ilustrated by Marta Munté
      Thule Ediciones 2005 editions for Renfe
      Languages available: Spanish only
      Accordion format
      Belinda is the locomotive of a train, a little train, a train of funfair. She is very happy with her job with children, however she have a  dream: to become will be a real locomotive. Finally, one day she meets Leocadia, a huge and powerful locomotive.... really!

      • Finalist in the literary contest Hyper Short Stories Movistar 2008 (Hiperbreves 2008)
      • Stories Hyper Short Stories selected in the literary contest  Hiperbreves Movistar in 2009 to publish into a collection of micro stories published by Bubok